Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to visit with my child or get him/her something to drink or eat at football games?

No food or drinks, other than water, are allowed to be consumed while the students are wearing their uniforms in the stands. The chaperones are great at keeping the students well stocked with water. The band is given the third quarter as a break. As for visiting with your student during the game…watch the first game and note how the band directors expect the students to give their undivided attention to the game, the directors, and the marching show. Interaction between parents and students is discouraged during this time. It is best to contact them during the third quarter or after the game.

Can I talk to the Band Director(s) at the games about my student?

No. The Band Directors’ primary focus is the band during the games. There are multiple activities in preparation for the Show and it is not an opportunity to discuss concerns or issues regarding your student. It is better to make an appointment to talk with any of the directors.

When is the best time to talk to a band director about my child?

If you have questions about your child progress within the band program, treat it like any other student teacher conference and email a band director at the band hall. He\She will be happy to discuss your student’s progress. Allow 24 hours for a response.

Do I need to pick-up my child from band practice if it is raining?

During times of inclement weather, the students will go indoors, or when practicing at the stadium, the students will move under the stands. If the bad weather continues, they will keep practicing indoors for the duration of the session. We have rehearsal even if it is raining.

How can I become more involved with the band?

There are many ways to become involved based upon your desire and time. You may volunteer to be a chaperone, distribute water at games, wash uniforms, help at the Marching Contests. Regularly check the website for updates/upcoming activities and attend board meetings the first Tuesday of each month.

Freshman parents are the future leaders of the organization and your involvement is welcomed and encouraged!

What happens if my child has special medical needs or is injured during a trip?

Make sure the band directors are aware of any special needs. There are EMS personnel at all band competitions and all football games. We have a couple of parents who are medical professionals who usually accompany the band.

Can I chaperone a trip?

You may contact our trip coordinator to be a chaperone. Look on the booster website under officers.

How do I know the stadium locations for away games and other special events?

Mr. Pearson posts weekly Itinerary on the main Band website, which contains the students’ schedule and the location of the game or event. The itinerary is also emailed out in the weekly marching season newsletter as well as sent out via the booster remind groups.

How do I know if my student made the marching show or not?

If your child wants to march and be in band, then the band directors will try very hard for that to happen. They try to work every student in to the show if he works hard and really wants to be in it. In the past, sometimes for different reasons, it is not possible. If your child has been told that he won’t be marching, then they are an alternate. This is why we are implementing a Varsity & JV band system so that all students have a spot in their show. The students are also allowed to challenge other students for positions up to a certain date, where changes will no longer be allowed due to the length of the show and how close we are approaching the competitive part of the season.

How many hours a week can the Band students Practice?

University Interscholastic League Guidelines – Marching Band Eight-Hour Rule – “Since 1997 the UIL has limited practice outside the academic school day for marching band and auxiliary components to eight hours per calendar week. The Student/Parent Acknowledgement Form came from a recommendation made by the UIL/TMEA Marching Band Study Committee after many months of research and deliberation. The form was created to enlighten students and parents regarding the specifics of the 8-hour rule as it applies to marching band.” Please go to for more information.

How many hours a week can the WinterGuard/Indoor Drumline practice?

WinterGuard is not restricted with a maximum hours of practice as it is not part of the UIL.

I parked in the parking lot to watch my child during practice and someone told me to move. Why?

The practice marching field is the west parking lot next to the band hall. The students need this entire area to practice marching their show. Even the edges of the parking lot are utilized for different sections of the band to practice away from the main practice area.

It seems like there are a lot of band expenses. Why?

There are many costs associated with supporting a band and color guard of over 200 students. Uniform cleanings, private lessons, entrance fees, transportation costs, music, etc. are necessary costs. To defray some of the costs, students will have the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities. Two are built into your dues (SOS Cards & March-a-Thon!) to ensure the funds are being raised. The boosters and school district pay a large portion of the expense. For Woodwind/Brass students, half, or more than half of the fee is for meals alone. Percussion and Color Guard tends to cost a little more due to the extra equipment and techs that are utilized.

My child said that he had to take his uniform off in the band hall in front of the other kids. Why?

The students have to put their uniforms back on the racks in the band hall before they go home. Students are required to wear Under Armor and Compression shorts under their uniforms so they will be modest.

When the kids get back to the band hall, why does it take them so long to get out of the band hall?

The students may be: (1) getting out of their uniforms and hanging them up (a teenage anomaly): (2) putting their instruments away; (3) discussing the stand, or halftime performance with a band director; (4) meeting with band officers or with their section; (5) visiting with other students.

Why can’t I take my student home after the game? Why do they need to ride the bus back to the school?

School district requirements indicate that all students traveling to school sanctioned activities return on the school bus. This policy ensures that everyone that came on the bus is returning on the bus and that no one is left behind. Outside of the school requirements, the bus ride provides an opportunity for the students to talk about the performance. Back at the band hall, a band director may talk with the students. It also ensures that the entire uniform is returned to the school. There are several things that happen after the students return from a game. The truck containing the instruments and show and sound equipment must also be unloaded. Once everything is unloaded, uniforms put away, etc., the students are dismissed. It’s like watching a small army move from one location to another.

Why is the area where the band sits taped off at football games?

It is taped off so people will not go into that area. During the marching show, cases, purses, and other equipment and items are left in this area. Please assist the chaperones in preventing traffic from passing through. FYI – many of the SHS Band fans sit in the general admission section next to the band at the football games.

What Do the Saginaw Band Boosters Do?

A successful band program is comprised of five key components – students, band staff, school administration, parents and alumni. The Saginaw Band Boosters Inc., the organization coordinates parent and volunteer activities in support of the band program. The areas of support range from completing the uniform fitting for the students, transportation of equipment for practices and events, chaperoning, fundraising, scholarships for private lessons, college scholarships, etc. The SBB organization contributes thousands of volunteer hours in support of the band. We encourage active parent involvement